:VISHWA Infrastructures and Services Private Limited:

CMD Speaks

"A nation is as good as its infrastructure and I am committed to contribute to the cause. Vishwa is the medium through which I deliver my promise in the form of true quality manifested in world-class projects." - Yerra Srinivas, Chairman & CEO

I always envisioned India as a super power in the making. It goes without saying that rock-solid infrastructure plays a crucial role in shaping a nation into a global force. Putting world-class infrastructure in place, especially in the vital area of water management has been a major motivator in my career. Way back in 1992 my vision took shape in the form of Vishwa Infra, a fully integrated urban infrastructure enterprise with core expertise in water & sewage projects.

Brand Vishwa was built on the premise of water management and the promise of channeling water to rural, urban and industrial segments of India. Vishwa Infra is today acclaimed as the segment leader in the vital areas of water and sewage management whose expertise spans across India in the form of numerous milestone projects. Agility and scalability have accorded the company a strong delivery platform, capable of handling projects of any size and scale.

Quality is the key driver that influences the functionality of Vishwa Infra, quality that evokes true customer delight. Vishwa's functionality is built around the concept of delivering a promise called quality within the stipulated time and cost. Today, I am happy to see that the organization has made rapid strides in evolving as a brand that brings joy to its external and internal stakeholders.