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Sewage Treatment Plants




Brief Scope


1. 60 MLD STP (ASP) at Perungudi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu CMWSSB, Chennai. EPC + 5 Years O&M 1. Design, Built and Commissioning of 60MLD STP on Activated Sludge Process
2. Sludge Management
3. Power generation
4. O&M for 5 Years
Plant commissioned on 2010 and 3 years O&M is completed out of 5 years
2. 76 MLD STP (SBR) at Kolhapur, Maharashtra Kolhapur Municipal Corporation, Kolhapur. PPP model (EPC + 13 Years O&M) 1. Design, Built and Commissioning of 76MLD STP on Sequential Batch Reactor Process on PPP Model
2. Sludge Management
3. O&M for 13 Years
STP commissioned on 2014 and Just started O&M.
3. 30 MLD STP (UASB) at Hukimpet, Rajahmundry, AP APPHED, Hyderabad, Telangana EPC + 1 year DLP 1. Design, Built and Commissioning of 30MLD STP on Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Process Plant completed and commissioned on 2007