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Creating value since 1992
Creating value since 1992

Health Safety Environment​

Health Safety Environment​

Safety Is Of Prime Importance

National Safety Day for health and safety at work is celebrated on March 4th, and Vishwa follows the same tradition.

This event commemorates and honors those who have overcome challenges in the area of health & safety at work. Vishwa’s aim is to improve the safety condition in the infrastructure and construction sector by spreading awareness about safety measures and exercises.

It is a source of pride for Vishwa to claim that it has been accident-free for the last 20 years. A few safety drive initiatives taken by Vishwa were ‘Be Safe, Work Safe, Life is a Gift’; ‘Let’s Value Life’. Vishwa recently obtained the prestigious OHSAS 18001 ‘Occupational Health Safety Assessment Series’ certification in recognition of its focus on creating safer workplaces.

HSE Policy

  • Vishwa Safety Drive (VSD) campaigns are designed to create awareness and motivate employees to abide by safety guidelines.

  • The program focused on making workplaces safer by modifying safety culture and practices. 'I Am a Safety Leader' was used to encourage workers to take ownership and take leadership.

  • Workshops, safety competitions, posters, intranet, and audio-visual media were used in the campaign.

  • Comply with all legal and contractual requirements that are related to occupational safety, health, and the environment

  • Implement sustainable methods to conserve resources and reduce the release of pollutants

  • Ensure that health and safety are prioritized in the daily business operations

  • Adopt appropriate targets and objectives to achieve excellence in the areas of health, safety, and the environment

  • Promote occupational health, safety and environmental performance by educating and engaging employees.